What TFWA Care did for... CEW Les Centres de Beauté

Cancer patients often watch themselves physically deteriorate during chemo treatment. While the treatment works to heal you on the inside, the relief does not match how one looks and feels on the outside. With a firm conviction that it is important to look good in order to feel well, CEW touches the lives of so many and offer a special support to cancer patients to move forward and battle this terrible life changing disease.

Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) is an international association created by the perfume and cosmetics industry. Since 1998, Les Centres de Beauté of CEW France provides beauty therapy to cancer patients whose appearance and self-esteem have been severely affected from chemotherapy. Its main charitable activity is the operation of beauty centres at hospitals where beauticians play an important role on helping women regain their self-esteem during this long and arduous process.

With its proven method of helping boost one’s self-esteem through beauty therapy, CEW beauticians other important life-saving role is focused on teen agers who are suffering from major psychological problems.  At La Maison de Solenn of Hospital Cochin in Paris, teen agers from ages 11 to 18 with anorexia, bulimia, phobia, and depression just to name a few are receiving beauty and aroma therapy to help them beat such mental diseases to keep them on the right path.     

Project in 2020

With the mission to alleviate the pain and suffering inherent in combating cancer and mental depression, this year hand in hand, TFWA Care will once again partner with CEW France and their successful beauty therapy programs.  


Saint Antoine Hospital

Beauty treatments with special attention to the skin will be given to patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  The side effects of the radiation pose major skin problems and discoloration and often times, hair loss.  With three highly trained CEW France aestheticians, beauty therapy will be provided three days per week throughout the year.


La Maison de Solenn in Cochin Hospital

Beauty therapy with special attention to physical outlook and hygiene will be given to young adults suffering from mental depression, bulimia, anorexia and obesity.  With their highly trained aestheticians, ongoing free beauty treatments will be given to teen agers to help boost their morale.    



Studies have shown that beauty therapy changes the overall well being of those who are severely depressed and undergoing intensive chemotherapy.  During their arduous journey, it can leave you feeling revived and refreshed even for just a couple of hours.  And that makes a world of a difference.