What TFWA Care did for... Nuria García Foundation

In the poorest corners of the world, it is a daily challenge for families to put food on the table and even more so, to provide their children basic education. Poverty is so rampant in certain nations that three meals a day or basic schooling for kids is considered luxury. The Nuria García Foundation was founded by the García family in memory of Nuria García with its primary objective to improve the living conditions of under privilege children worldwide by giving them a chance to have a healthy start and access to quality education.

Since its creation, the Nuria Garcia Foundation has been partnering with local NGOs in Africa, Asia and Europe on fighting poverty by providing free health care, quality education, and vocational training to the locals.  Their mission is to help lift under privilege societies by targeting women and children by educating them with means of sustainable living to be self-reliant.  The Nuria García Foundation works with like-minded organisations around the world on projects that bring lasting benefits to underprivileged women and children. It is active in the following areas:

  • healthcare: pre-natal and paediatric assistance, providing vaccines, antibiotics and incubators etc
  • disease prevention: adoption of hygiene practices, improving breastfeeding practices and providing insecticide-treated nets
  • improving access to drinking water: creation of clean water wells and improved sanitation
  • fighting malnutrition: food shipments, micronutrient supplements and nutritional assistance for children
  • providing humanitarian assistance to emergency zones after natural disasters.

Project in 2018

This year, another partnership has been established to help a Nuria Garcia Foundation project in Africa.  In the poverty stricken province of Gambassa, Guinea Bissau, TFWA Care will fund the reconstruction of an old health centre called Casa de la Infancia run by a local association, Association SILO.  In this rural area where health care is almost nonexistent, Casa de la Infancia will serves multi-purpose to its local population.  Besides being a source of basic medical and maternity care, Casa de la Infancia is also used as a classroom to provide free vocational training to teach the locals on better hygiene, how to fight disease and malnutrition and sustainable gardening during off patient hours. 

Happy children at Casa de la Infancia

The TFWA Care donation will help many women finally receive the proper maternity care and basic health care for their children.  In addition, the aid will also employ locals to work at Casa de la Infancia and help the economy at a macro level.  Overall, the partnership will contribute to eliminate rural poverty and improve community health.  Progress may have been slow in Gambassa but with the proper health care and education on how to be self-reliant thanks to TFWA Care, each step taken will make a difference as the province move forward.