What TFWA Care did for... Association Aida

Founded in 2015, Association Aïda helps teenagers and young adults combat isolation and the feeling of hopelessness from life threatening disease such as cancer. In the last five years, Association Aida has touched the lives of more than 1,500 young cancer patients in over 35 hospitals in France.

Cancer has a major impact on the mental and physical wellbeing especially among young adults. For those who have previously used psychiatric services may be particularly vulnerable and at greater risk of mortality following a cancer diagnosis. Through the help with dedicated volunteers and a small staff, Association Aida has been providing young cancer patients a place to de-stress and connect with trained practitioners to help them feel better and able to cope with this terrible disease even for just a couple of days.

Project in 2020

This year, TFWA Care will partner with Association Aida's Highway to Health program. An annual retreat to help teens and young adults, Highway to Health provides wellness therapy to cancer patients from ages 13 to 30 years old who are often dealing with severe mental depression and anxiety disorders.  In a two to four day-long event in Jambville, France, young cancer patients are taken in the countryside where they are given a choice of sporting activities, art and music therapy.  Counseling with trained experts on specific cases are also available. Many studies have shown that connecting with other cancer patients of the same age group and sharing their experiences is an effective aid to combat this life threatening disease. The new connection creates solidarity and help boost the morale.  Even for just a couple of days in their arduous journey,  side by side we can help these young cancer patients break free from isolation and the feeling of hopelessness that they are not alone in their fight against cancer.




Association Aida retreat

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