What TFWA Care did for... Sunrise Cambodia

Cambodia’s turbulent political history turned a once peaceful nation into a violent battlefield, leaving the country's good-natured people on the brink of despair. The civil war of the 1960s and 1970s devastated almost every part of the country prompting widespread poverty and malnutrition. More than 40 years later, the deep loss of an entire generation is still widely profound.

Sunrise Cambodia is a sustainable community development organization founded by humanitarian worker Geraldine Cox who is tirelessly helping the poorest communities in the remote provinces of Cambodia prioritizing the welfare of vulnerable women and children. Over the years, Sunrise Cambodia has grown to support communities with healthcare, clean water, sanitation and education facilities so that families can prosper and live in dignity. With these resources, as well as the determination to rebuild their lives, the children of Cambodia can remain optimistic for a brighter future.

Project in 2018

Since 2015, Sunrise Cambodia has been active in several communities of the Kandal province of Cambodia. Sunrise Cambodia works closely with community leaders to determine local needs and provide the necessary aid such as new housing, access to clean water, sanitation. In addition, they also provide workshops in the community for family planning, domestic violence, and alcohol or drug abuse awareness - which are unfortunately common due to extreme poverty.

For the first time TFWA Care will provide financing to help 50 vulnerable children from 12 families living below poverty line in unsafe homes from the Saang district this year. These families live in make shift homes easily destroyed by storm or flooding should a natural disaster happens. They live in abject poverty and have barely received basic primary education - most adults are illiterate. With focus on helping women and their children, the funding received will cover the cost of:

  • Housing with proper sanitation for the families and the community as a whole
  • Primary education for kids
  • Vocational training center especially for women and children 
  • Health education focused on better hygiene and sanitation