What TFWA Care did for... Folohaiti

In 2010, Folohaiti started as local association in the suburbs of Paris to help the poor and disadvantaged in poverty stricken Haiti. Through small fundraising endeavors, toys and clothing were sent to the orphans and elderly in the province of Cherettes in Saint Louis- southern part of the island. It was a small token to cheer them up and provide what they normally cannot afford.

In the last decade, one natural disaster after the other has struck this impoverished Caribbean nation. In 2010, an earthquake in the magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter scale almost crippled Haiti apart. Five years later, hurricane Matthew brought another calamity and passed with total destruction. Mother nature has been brutal over such a short period of time. After hurricane Matthew wreaked its havoc, Folohaiti reinvented itself and stepped up its efforts. Today Folohaiti is now operating as a full pledge NGO working on disaster relief and reconstruction projects to help this impoverished Caribbean nation.

The aftermath of Hurricane Matthew left Haiti with nearly 1000 deaths, thousands of wrecked homes and severely damaged infrastructures.  With that said, the province of Cherettes was not spared and its only elementary school and nearest electric power plants were almost destroyed.  For some time now, the children of Cherettes have been attending make shift class rooms with very limited books and essential school supplies.  In addition, the constant electrical black outs have interrupted the daily lives of the people in the area affecting its local businesses and free movement of people.  This year, TFWA Care will provide funding and assist Folohaiti with reconstruction projects to help rebuild the elementary school and the local electric power plant in Cherettes.  We hope that through our aid, a sense of normalcy will be restored and life will become a whole lot easier for everyone.